GoldCitizens is one of UAE first private gold bullion reserve. Hundreds of investors worldwide rely on GoldCitizens for shielding their hard-earned capital from the unpredictable nature of financial markets.

GoldCitizens is registered under Ajman free zone in UAE, also a member of Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE) which is a subsidiary of Dubai Multi Commodity Centre (DMCC). The DDE is a DMCC platform and Dubai Government initiative which brings the Middle East diamond and coloured stones markets together.


GoldCitizens started after founders witnessed with their own eyes how “safe investments” proved to be unsafe when oil price hits lowest rate in the international market and all currencies began to fall including the US dollars and GBP, they set out on a quest for alternative ways of preserving the wealth.


GoldCitizens has grown to become one of the first providers of physical precious metals in the middle-east and Africa where we operate.