Chairman ‘Board of Trustees’

We are one of the leading and pioneer in private Gold and Bullions reserve in UAE. We have over 10 years industry experience in Gold business.

Gold is Timeless Money and Enduring Value. The Golden rules says “He who has the gold, makes the rules”. As the world system and currency collapse, we offer a safe way to preserve your wealth in a more reliable currency which is Gold, in line with your personal requirements and preferences, and within the regulatory system.

Gold has been a natural money since pre-history. As a rare and distinctive element, our ancestors eventually determined thousands of years ago, and after perhaps millions of experiments, that gold is the single, best way to save, store, and exchange value. No other money has been so broadly desired amongst both rich and poor, everywhere and so universally treasured.

I welcome you to a new world of opportunity as we become Gold Citizens.

Chairman, Board of Trustees

Mohammed Ali Saleh Alawadhi