Past performance of Gold is not a guarantee of future results.

The price development of precious metal depends on the movements in the market. As a result, the value of precious metal can fluctuate and the price of your precious metal can be lower than the price for which you purchased it.

Worldwide, the value of precious metal is expressed and traded in US dollars. As you purchase your precious metal in other currencies, the value or your investment is influenced by current exchange rate. An appreciation of the US dollar versus other currencies can have a positive / negative effect depending on the local currency which is why your account is quoted in multiple currencies, whereas a depreciation has a negative effect.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, if GoldCitizens were to become insolvent or bankrupt, the insolvency or bankruptcy of GoldCitizens would not affect your property rights with regard to your gold in the GoldCitizens account. Every metric gram, kilogram, or tonne of gold that a customer has acquired through the Gold Citizens Personal & Business  platform is owned by and allocated to the customer once transactions have been settled. The GoldCitizens Customer Agreement and Terms of Service state that all customer assets are held by GoldCitizens as bailee for the benefit of customers. GoldCitizens is NOT a BANK or a deposit taking institution and does not operate like a bank, where a depositor takes risk on the banks loans and operating business. At GoldCitizens all gold purchases are physically settled and gold is then titled to the customer, never to GoldCitizens or its creditors. Although the user may experience a slight delay to receive their gold in the event of a GoldCitizens liquidation, it will always be paid in full as a liquidator cannot legally consider your gold as an asset of the company.


If for any reason GoldCitizens stops operating, you will receive your precious metals balance in physical gold or the equivalent value of your metal in one of the currencies we support. Our gold is segregated, held on a one to one ratio and is fully reserved. Records of ownership are maintained both digitally and physically. Payment to you is assured by a court appointed administrator who would complete the winding-up process.

If your password does not remain confidential and is obtained by a third party, you run the risk that a third party can gain access to your account. In principle, this third party can only carry out transaction or transfer your Gold cash to your personal, joint or corporate local bank account on File, so it is not possible to sell your Gold and transfer cash to another account. The risk that you run is therefore: a violation of your privacy and the placing of ghost orders. The first matter is a nuisance; but the second matter can also lead to losses due to price differences.

GoldCitizens ensures that your precious metals are adequately insured against theft and damage.

In exceptional circumstances, GoldCitizens has the right or may be forced to terminate its activities. This situation could also occur when it is no longer possible for GoldCitizens to adequately hedge its risk in connection with the buying and selling of physical precious metal; for tax-technical reasons; if the Custodian no longer acts as custodian and no suitable replacement can be found, if GoldCitizens enters into a moratorium of payments or bankruptcy, etc. In the event that GoldCitizens terminates its activities the precious metal repurchase guarantee by GoldCitizens shall become null and void.